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hi there!!!! i hate to ask am i gonna be able to set up a dual monitor system???will i need appropriate software or something??my graphics card is MSI 7800NX 256Mb.thanks and...merry christmas!!
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  1. If your card has dual outputs, the driver software should come from card manufacturer or nVidia. It is included with drivers to support dual displays, you just have to configure drivers in the display options, and you got it.
  2. At least it is that way with ATI
  3. Here's a good link with pretty pictures on monitor (and dual monitor) installation and setup :

    It's called 'How To Install A Monitor', but if you scroll down about half way through the article, there is a section called : 'See Double: Set Up Dual Displays'.

  4. You don't need to use ATI's application for dual monitors unless you're mirroring them. ATI sets their cards up as primary and secondary displays so anyone can easily use windows Display Manager, clicking on the disabled monitor, then checking the box "Extend my desktop to this device", clicking apply, and dragging the monitor to the position you want it in relation to the original display.

    For nVidia dual displays you have to use nVidia's application, which can be found by bringing up nVidia's custom configuration window. Right click on the screen, choose the nVidia display manager tab, and it brings up a custom box with all the options required to figure it out.
  5. That's not the proceedure nVidia uses. He has an nVidia card, for which modern nVidia drivers will configure as a single display in Windows. He needs to use the nVidia application, named nView, as seen HERE

    Notice this is a separate menu, not the normal windows display manager setting you'd use with dual cards or an ATI dual output card.
  6. Your Graphics Card already supports dual monitors. You just have to set the
    Multiple Monitors up in your display settings.
    Here is a link to a great quick tutorial:

    How to Setup Multiple Monitors

    Also, here's a forum that is dedicated to Multiple Monitor Support:
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