Anyone ever have their onscreen cursor tile into repeating patterns?

Don't really know how to describe this too well, and I wasn't able to figure out how to take a screen shot that includes the mouse cursor otherwise I'd show you.. but sometimes I come back to my computer and the cursor is just the very tip of the pointer tiled in heights of maybe 3-4 pixels all the way down to where the cursor would normally end.

I have no idea what's causing this.. I've never seen it happen, and it only happens about once a week or so (though twice this week). Wondering what it could possibly be! Anyone had anything like that happen or know where I might want to investigate?
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  1. you mean "Cursor Trails"?
  2. no it's not cursor trails as far as i know. that's when you see an echo of the cursor kinda.. used on laptops sometimes back in the day to make it easier to find the cursor?

    this is definitely an error.. because you see only the top few pixels of the cursor but it's tiled a bunch of times. and it makes it a bit difficult to see where you're clicking...and when the cursor changes, it does change but again just the top few pixels tiled down.

    looks kinda like this:
  3. anyone else have any ideas? It just happened again. Then I shook my mouse around fast and it got even weirder

    I know that it only appears when my computer has been to sleep
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