Cant play DVD's I've tried everything I can think of

Hello. Some may remember a few weeks ago I posted, saying I couldnt get my Lite On SOHO1629S to play DVD properly, I wasnt getting sound.

Someone suggested plugging the audio cable in, and while I thought it was in, I opened my case to check and the end going to the soundcard had been removed, i must of taken it out when I went to replace my RAM. Anyways, i plugged it in, stuck a brought and paid for legal, region 4 DVD in, and not only was I getting no sound, but no picture. I downloaded and installed powerDVD 4 off limewire (Wouldnt usually do this, but my copy of five that came with my DVD burner doesnt work for some reason. Just reads as blank disk.)

Anyways, PowerDVD 2 doesnt play it at all, and WIndows Media Player 10 just doesnt go past a black screen, wont go to full screen, and says its playing the menu down the bottom.

My next thought was driver failure, and I uninstalled the drivers, rebooted, and reinstalled the drivers. Same thing as above. WTF?

Please help, I dont know what else I can do to fix it. The drive does everything BUT play DVD's. :x
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  1. Probably you have a bad codec installed or a codec conflict of some sort. I'm not an expert on this stuff but I think you should do a google search on removing codecs.
  2. Try this:

    Unistall ALL your Codecs

    IF you find real player on you PC slap yourself around for a while

    Then download VLC player, it is free and legal etc, etc and won't land you in prison.

    IF you can see the vob files on the dvd itself then i might be a codec problem but if you can see the files then VLC will have no problem playing the disk. you could always get something to unlock the DVD drives region specificity.
    I would advise against playing the DVD in the drive, for some reason it lowers their lifetime dramatically (I mean the Drive). I would advise that you copy the vob files out and play them off your Hdd.
  3. try upgrading to power dvd 5 or 6

    media play doesn't even come close to smooth dvd playback on my machine.
    power dvd 5 rocks right through it.
    it would likely have all the encoders you need right in the software.

    good luck

    BUt then again there is that irriating thing about not being able to get an exact position on the progress bar...
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