Please help me with my BIOS on DFI please please!

Hi guys..

I'm having a problem with getting my Maxtor SATA II to run. The system hangs when I put the HDD in 3 Gbps. When I put the jumper to 1.5 Gbps, its fine.
I have posted a question about this before, but nobody seem to answer. Anyway my BIOS says 6/23. And when I checked the website that is the latest.
Can anybosy tell me about their BIOS. I'm not a expert in comp hard, so please excuse me.
My BIOS doesnt have a Serial-ATA 1/2 option as shown in the manual. Also the bios shows ( I mean when computer starts and shows the info, before showing the IRQ stuff), my HDD as Serial ATA - Maxtor 6V#### LBA,ATA133.
Anyway, can anybody with a DFI LP U-D tell me if they have a option calles Serial- ATA in BIOS->INTEGRATED PERIPHERELS->IDE FUNCTIONS !

Please answer me guys. I'm sorry for my amerturishness.

My mobo is DFI Lanparty Ultra D. It should support SATA II.

Thanks a bunch.
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  1. If this is your mobo LANPARTY UT nF3 ULTRA-D here are your specs:

    Four Serial ATA interfaces with speed up to 1.5Gbps
    - Two Serial ATA ports supported by nForce3 Ultra chip
    - Two Serial ATA ports supported by Marvell SATA PHY

    according to this it only supports 1.5Gbps not 3.0Gbps
  2. And 1.5Gbps is fine - no modern HDD can even saturate that bandwidth.
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