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Gibabyte GA-7N400 PRO2 cant get WinXP to Install

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December 25, 2005 12:04:49 PM

I cant get Windows XP to install.

-GA-7N400 PRO2 motherboard
-Barton 2500 cpu
-Kingston (2x250mb) DDR 400 (PC3200)
-PNY Geforce FX 5200 8x AGP
-Artec 16X DVD ROM Yellow w/Power DVD
-Artec 52x24x52x Internal Yellow IDE Drive
-Data Pro ATX 400W P4/AMD Power Supply w/Dual Fan
-Maxtor 80GB Serial ATA HD 7200/8MB/S-ATA-150
-Wester Digital 80GB 8mb Cache IDE

I tried the SATA HD first, installed the drivers when prompted F6. It would load the drivers and it would say "Setup is starting Windows" and then stop responding. Same outcome with the WD IDE HD. I have played with the BIOS settings, but cant figure this out. :?

Thanks in advance.

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December 25, 2005 12:58:03 PM

You need to disable RAID in bios, then then set the SATA drive to boot second, after the CD Rom. Sometimes this requires re-entering bios.
Then hit F6 while installing XP, insert SATA chipset driver floppy, and install. Usually this step is not necesary if not using RAID, but my Gb board required me to F6 drivers in, and won't hurt if not needed.
Another try is to map SATA as IDE drive in the bios.
January 3, 2006 7:54:06 PM

I'm having exactly the same problem. I've tried Win XP and also Server 2003 after my machine hung big time and I had to switch off at the mains - never to work again. I built a brand new system just before Christmas and I couldn't figure out why it kept resetting, just as it got to the "Starting Windows" blue screen. Bizarrely enough, it turned out to be the digital monitor didn't have the necessary EGA/CGA video capability when attached via DVI. That was a Hyundai L72D monitor. It would work fine on the VGA connection from a Matrox P650 double DVI card. My problem machine uses the same Matrox card, but running Benq FP937S monitors. With my problem, neither digital or analogue connections want to work with anything, even my trusty old Iiyama VisionMaster. It just sits there blue screen "Starting Windows." "It's lying!!!" I've stripped out everything - I've got cards, IDE cables and disk drives lying all over the place. Spares have been used, partitioned and formatted, and then un-partitioned on another machine. Nothing makes any sense. It really looks like a hardware problem, but I've tried different IDE connections, RAID connections. Also, make sure you have re-selected the AGP slot as your first graphics - the default is PCI (although it doesn't make any difference to my problem) :evil:  Good Luck!
January 8, 2006 7:40:16 PM

RAM or PSU problems here