Dual Xeon 2gHz vs. Athlon XP 2800+

So I got dual 2.0gHz Xeons with hyperthreading on a Tyan S2603 from my dad for christmas.

Yeah I know, he's great!

My question is, once I get a gig of rambus for this thing, should I use it to replace the Athlon XP 2800+ (can OC to 3400+) on an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe?

I like the idea of four instances...and this server-grade hardware is pretty sexy. But could I justify it? I know that game performance would probably take a hit, especially since the Tyan only has a 4x AGP slot.

Thanks muchly, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D
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  1. What graphic card did you get?

    That dualXeon will tear up office apps and video encoding.
  2. rambus is a rip $40 for 128 megs. probably cheaper to get a new mobo with ddr. athlon xp would be better to game on.
  3. I got a compatible 475W PSU on eBay for $50, and I think I can foot the $175 for 512MB of RDRAM on ebay. Now all that's left is an Extended-ATX case....this thing is a beast!

    The video card (to be) is a 6600GT 8X AGP, 128MB G-DDR3. I think that I may just build this as a secondary rig, since if I used this instead of the athlon I'd have to replace the case, hard drive and power supply too. I feel sorry for my bank account.

    But still, how will the Xeon do against the Athlon in everyday performance?
  4. Graphics cards rarely take advantage of anything more than AGP x4. But a dual Xeon isn't made for gaming. An AMD64 is much more suitable for the task.
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