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Hi everyone, I have a Dell Latitude XT, it has Vista on it but I want to put Windows 7 on it, I’ve done many OS installs but never with a laptop that does not have an internal optical drive, how would I go about it? I have the install disk, and an external drive, the drive is a D/Bay drive, it has a connector with USB and ESATA on top of each other, the same hook up on my XT, would that work? It’s not like any other USB external drive obviously because it has ESATA, if it would work what would the procedure be? Any bios settings need to be changed? Any help would be great
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  1. Basically, you should be able to hit a specific key (usually F12) to bring up your BIOS boot menu. If the drive is connected, it should be listed as an available boot device. You may have to ensure that your BIOS is set to allow booting from USB devices, but that's about it. If you use ESATA, then even that should not be necessary.
  2. well the D/Bay has a differant connector, google image PD01S and youll see what im talking about with usb and esata
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