AMD Chip Serial Number - IMPORTANT - Please help!


I was wondering where my AMD Serial Number is located? Is it on the chip itself?

What I found odd is that the number on the manual is a 13 digit number, and the bottom number on the chip is a 13 digit number - are these numbers supposed to match?

I'm wondering this because when I received my chip the box had been opened - and the number under the barcode on the manual that the chip came with does not match the bottom number on the chip. Is the bottom number the serial?

If so I need to do something about this :x

Please help,
Thanks in advance, :D
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  1. Hello,

    Don't worry too much if your chip works. Now in windows if it says 3700+ and your box says 3700+, then you have the right chip.

    CPU-Z will also tell you that info. And more such as if you ordered a Venice 3500+ or SanDiego 3700+.
  2. I know the chip is the 3800+ x2 - However, in the manual that comes with the chip they tell you to write down the Serial Number as provided below the barcode for future reference.

    However, that 13 digit number, does not match a similar 13 digit number that's on the back of the CPU chip - I'm trying to figure out if those 2 numbers should match or if the number on the back of the chip is in fact the serial number.

  3. Quote:
    does not match a similar 13 digit number that's on the back of the CPU chip -

    Is this ona sticky piece of paper? Most retailers add thier own bar code in that way.
    If it's an xp chip, the serial number is the one on the fan. For A64s, it's the number on the corner of the box, with the chip model on it.
  4. The number that is in the manual is on a barcode sticker.

    I guess my question is - is the serial number printed below the barcode in the paperwork and on the box - also printed on the back of the actual CPU?
  5. No, Amd does not put paper on the bottom of the chip. It would interfer with proper cooling. Only retailers do that.
  6. There's no paper on the chip - the 13 digit number seems to be inked on or engraved.
  7. Do you mean on the top of the chip? (opposite side of the pins?)
    Make life easy, and post the number off the chip, if you have it handy.
  8. Are you talking about the numbers below the opn code? May look something like
    ACBWE 0539TPMW
    1993523E41213<------ This number?
    It's an ID number, but should not match the serial number on the box.
  9. I got the following reply from AMD Support forums:

    "there are three rows of numbers on the heatshield of the CPU. The last row of numbers would be your serial number."

    is he/she correct?
  10. I dont think so. I believe the serial number is the one on the box. The 13 digit below the OPN may be a cross reference, but AFAIK it is a seperate ID code.
  11. yes the guy on amd fourm is right.There is three rows. One is the ID second shows the stepping and week of manufacture. The third is the serial. Mines has the serial laser engraved on the chip heat spreader. Also, on the box on the top i have a sticker with the serial. And last, on the manual, there is a section that says "Certificate of Authenticity" and at the bottom, you see a sicker with ther serial number. It is a 13 digit number. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks.

    The guy at the store in which I bought the chip from tried to sell me a chip that was already used as new. I raised hell when I came back to the store, so he gave me a new box.

    However, he gave me a box that had been opened, to ensure security of the CPU, I asked for a un-opened box. He went under the counter and I heard some shuffling.

    The guy simply switched the boxes... Now I can't send the chip in, in case it fries or I have problems with it. They'll look at the serials and go "Oh forget this guy"

    Thanks everyone,
    I will be going back to the store tomorrow.
  13. Any lawyers in the family?
  14. Craig7850 said:

    I was wondering where my AMD Serial Number is located? Is it on the chip itself?


    Also check the internal unique serial number with this tool:
  15. The serial number on the chip will determine the warranty. Parts sold as boxed processors have a different (longer) warranty than parts sold "by the tray" and have a different price. For server it is 3 years vs. 1 year (I don't know desktops).

    I would check with AMD on the serial # to find out which warranty you have. Did the store tell you what the warranty was?
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