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Right now I have a p4 3.0ghz /w 1gb mem and a 6800 video card... I'm looking at the duel core system athlon...my question..How much faster game wise will my system be if I get a duel core system? Any idea what % faster it would be with an upgrade?

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  1. Dont waste your money. Games dont get much out of dual core.
    Having said that, if you get a crossfire board, like the Asus A8R-MVP, and a latest generation gfx card, you would be able to see a difference in newest games.
    Still, you are looking @ a lot of money, for not much gain.
  2. I think patches are now being released to optimise some popular games for dual core processors. It is discussed elsewhere in this section (under 'cpus'). having said that, I am only getting an athlon 3500+ venice (single core).
  3. So, I wouldnt see a big increase in performance? I just play games but was wondering if upgrading is worth it? I have a pretty good video card..the Nvidia 6800..

  4. If you want an increase in gaming performance it's all about your graphics card. Changing CPU will not do much. Prehaps it will later when games starts to support dualcore.
  5. Games are starting to support Dual Core CPUs now. Like Quake 4 :-)

    It will take them a little while to catch up but when they do the AMD x2 Dual Core will be kicking some serious butt.

    Maybe wait a little while for the AM2 socket AMD64 tho.

    At least the introduction of the AM2 should drive 939 prices down :-)
  6. P4 3.0 Northwood should do around 3.4GHz overclocked and beat just about all the other P4's out there...at their stock speed. 3.0 Prescott should do around 3.6GHz on stock cooling if you can keep the inside of the case cool.

    Really the fastest P4's aren't that much faster than what you have. And dual core isn't going to help your game.
  7. You have a 6800 regular? You could always try unlocking/overclocking it to perform close to a 6800GT, lol... That is if it's an NV40 (AGP 8x) chip.
  8. It all depends on how much money you have. I agree with linux_0, if you wait for another 6 mo. or so, AM2 will drive down AMD X2 Socket 939 prices. If you have cash to spend, then it doesn't hurt to upgrade. Check this link to compare current CPU performances:


    (Right now, I'm still satisfied with my Athlon XP-M 2600+ @ 2.4ghz and an ATi Radeon X850 Pro.)

    And oh, Crossfire isn't that great right now. Crossfire technology is too new and not as developed as SLi, and the newer ATi cards use more energy than a Nvidia 7800GTX for example than an ATi X1800XT. Click the links:

  9. The biggest upgrade would be a new video card assuming you have a stardard 6800 (AGP ?). Could try to upgrade to 7800gt or better card (I believe they are all PCI though) but as others suggested if you can wait until summer/fall of next year you will have better upgrade paths. I mean realy your rig look pretty damn good for gamming.
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