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I just got a new CPU and Motherboard and after switching everything over I turned it on, and it started to boot, but it gave no RAM beep, it just turns on, but the computer does not display bios screen or anything. (a.k.a. it powers on but does not actually start to boot) It is a new board and the model number is P4M800-M7. Will I have to clear the C-MOS before it will recognize the ram? It is kingston 512mb PC3200 ram that is not duel channel. Does anyone have any ideas why this might happen? I have only used pre-tested Motherboards so I have never had to clear the C-MOS.
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  1. Check the cmos jumper setting. Sometimes, it will be in the reset position to keep the battery from running down. Also, do a bare bones setup if it still won't post. Use a non conductive surface, such as a phonebook, with just the cpu/heatsink, one stick of memory, and video card or onboard video. Don't forget to use the power switch lead also.
  2. I have precisely the same problem. Fails to boot, no POST, no video output. Jumper settings are in the 1,2 position (Normal) where they should be according to the manual. Any new insights into this problem?
  3. On installing any CPU to a motherboard it is strongly advised that you clear the bios, and then load the optimized defaults. This is so that you start with a clear slate. Also so that you dont force the wrong CPU/Memory voltages/frequencies onto those components.

    It's also good practice.

    Make sure you've also got all the power lines that need to feed the motherbaor in place - especially the extra 4 pin connector.

    Make sure you also have all the front panel connectors connected, so that when you are saying "boot" it is actually trying to boot, and not that you've connected "on" to reset or something. If these are all in place, when you power the mobo up, the LED on the board should light.

    If not, you either have a duff mobo or psu. If the board lights up, but no bios boot, then that could be the board or the Mem/cpu. try changing the memory and/or slots used.
  4. Thanks for the tips. In the meantime, I got convinced that it was the mobo. i went back to Fry's, did an equal exchange, and installed the same old CPU on the new mobo without any other changes, i.e. same powersupply, memory, everything else identical. jumper settings were correct before and were not changed either. new mobo booted up without a problem and all is running fine since. i.e. the mobo must have been dead.
  5. I just installed a new ECS 939 socket mobo and had the same problem. As it turns out, the venice core and san diego are not supported by the factory installed bios. Take your pc to a local shop and get the bios upgraded. Finding an e4 revision cpu is a lot of work.
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