Celeron D

Im purchasing this.

And getting this as a motherboard

Im under a bit of a money crunch obviously

My question is, isnt there supposed to be some sort of mounting bracket or something for the heatsink/cpu fan as seen on this board?


Will i not need that bracket? or does it come with the board even though its not shown in the picture?

If not, where can i purchase one?

I realize people are going to tell me not to get the celeron and blah blah this and blah blah that about the mobo, but all im really looking for is an asnwer rather than a suggestion :wink:
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  1. There's nothing really wrong with a Celeron depending upon what you want to do with it and especially since you are under a $ cruch. The 2.53GHz Celeron D in my laptop perform exceptionally well I think.

    Anyway...as for that bracket question, no, because the Celeron CPU you linked from Newegg is an LGA 775 (Socket T) and the motherboard you are getting is also an LGA 755 (Socket T). The CPU is also a retail box so it will come with a fan. I believe all of the LGA 775 mobo's don't have a bracket for the HS/fan. Instead the HS/fan has four legs that sit down in the holes of the motherboard. On an OEM intel fan (well comparing to mine), you turn a little "knob" on each leg and it locks the legs down so the HS/fan will not pull out of the mobo.

    BTW, that second motherboard you linked in a Socket 478 (the previous socket used by Intel) which DOES require a bracket and should be included with a new retail motherboard.
  2. Yeah 2nd mobo i didnt care about other than as an example picture of bracket, thankyou for the information.

    Im updating this computer to PCI-express until i can afford something better, this is just to hold me off till i leave for basic and start working next summer.
  3. NP man!

  4. Yeah, united states air force, most likely get stuck in computer networking, but oh well, safe and something i enjoy.
  5. The gigabyte board is s478. It uses a different setup than the socket T mobo.
    I would be more tempted by the sempron 3000 and this foxconn board as it is a little cheaper, but will be 15 to 20% faster.
  6. Yes! I have thought about the Air Force too! Lexington, NC sux for anything high-end like I want and I'm wanting something either really high-end or far out for a career =)
  7. Actually, the biggest problem with the Celerons is the lack of cache. However, for just doing office work and messing around online, it's great for that. In fact, the average joe shmoo only needs a Celeron anyway. What kills Celeron systems in the mainstream market are lack of RAM in the systems (256MB), and no PCI-E or AGP slot in case you want to upgrade to a P4 and do games with that system.
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