What do you think of comics?

please tell me what do you think of comics?
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  1. I personally love comics; bit of a money sucker if you want to buy them in print though! You come to realise that the universes they use (I'm a marvel fan myself) all tie into each other, so you want to keep buying to make sure you get the big picture.

    But i love reading them, and they're probably going to remain a guilty pleasure for years to come
  2. I am also a 'Marvel' comic's fan....

    1960s, The first modern comic books under the Marvel Comics brand is gifted by me from my Dad...

    That is the day when i like to start read the Marvel Comic's....... :bounce:
  3. I'm a huge comics fan. Lately I haven't got the time to do it.
  4. Comics always make me feel relax. So, I love it very much.
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