Alright, so im stumped

Hello everyone, this is my first post so i figure ill try to make it a good one!

So here is my problem. I have followed the steps on the Northwood C overclocking Guide. I have completed steps a through d and have moved into the party that states "Now overclocking the cpu". When i go to restart my computer after the cmos save, the boot up stops at the screen that lists my pci device listings. The page with all the IRQ assigments and things of the like. Above that i can see two lines of my IDE devices, and my HDDs are listed very wierd. It lists them both connected as a IDE 100, or something like that. I have them connected SATA. I would really appreciate any help, thanks for looking!

I forgot to mention, it doesnt boot up any further after this screen, it just stays on that screen. I tried hitting the resume button at the top of my keyboard but that did not work.

I've tried to OC the FSB at a few different speeds and i've gathered some rather interesting results from the testing i did, they are as follows.

FSB - 207
Results - The computer boots up untill the "Select which way to boot windows" screen. I select boot normal, and the computer just resets itself, going back to the select boot type screen (containing safe-mode, etc.)

FSB - 208
Results - Same as Previous.

FSB - 209
Results - The computer comes up with the first post messages of the IDE devices and then just a blank, black screen comes up with a blinking cursor in the uper left hand corner.

FSB - 210
Results - Computer boots through post messages to blank, black screen. No blinking white cursor.

FSB - 215+
Results - Boots to PCI Device listing screen. Partial IDE assignment visable at top of screen, IDE3 and IDE4: Hdds listed as follows
IDE3 - LBA, ATA100 40025mb
IDE4 - LBA, ATA100 80gb.

This is just information that i gathered from doing a little bit of experimenting tonight to try and get this to work. Not sure if it will help or not but its wortha shot, thanks.
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  1. Hi! Does the computer boot normally at 200 MHz FSB? What are the specs for your system?
  2. Yepp, the computer boots normally at 200mhz FSB making it a 2.8gh Pentium 4. My memory is 2x512mb Corsair value select, Radeon 9800 pro and my mobo is an Abit IC7g max3
  3. Your SATA hard drives are still IDE drives and will be identified by the BIOS as such when you boot up. It's just that they connect serially (SATA) rather than the old parallel cables (PATA).

    So it works at stock speeds but won't boot with even a moderate increase in FSB speed... Very strange. With that setup you should be able to easily overclock quite a bit higher.

    I know it's covered in the overclocking guide, but have you slowed your memory down and locked the AGP and PCI bus speeds? Try running a stress test program under stock speed to see if the computer is completely stable to begin with. Prime95 torture test works well.

    The other thing I would try is sometimes when I rummage around in my BIOS and set a few things, bad things start happening. Sometimes it is best to just start over and go back to "setup defaults" or "optimized defaults" in the BIOS in case you have toggled something that you shouldn't have. You may even want to use the Clear CMOS jumper to get a completely fresh start.
  4. Thanks for your reply! Ill try setting everything back to normal and go from there. I ran the stress tests and looped for quite some time, and everything seemed to hold up good. So ill go ahead and give that a shot and report back.
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