Help me choose a new stick of memory

Hi, I got some money for Christmas and I'm making a B-Line to add ram to my gaming machine in not exactly sure what I need so I thought I'd ask here.

My Computer:
AMD 3000+ 64
Elite Group 755-A2 MotherBoard
512 ram
Saphire ATI Atlantis 9700 Pro

Now I want to to make the most of of my Money (about 100 Canadian) I have to buy it at futureshop because of a gift card. What would be the best 512 stick for me?
thats the futureshop memory page what is the best price to performance part

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  1. the best is usually Samsung TCCD based

    NO clue if any of that is (the hyperx might be but thats gonna be a bit pricey for ya.)

    What ya might consider is selling your gift card via ebay or other forums in your region.

    Then get the Patriot kit from newegg. Its about $120 after a rebate (not sure if rebate is good for canadians) and is NICE. Its a dual channel 512 x 2 kit @ 400mhz but will clock to nearly 600mhz. Ive run it like a champ for about 10 months.

  2. lol new egg doesn't ship to canada yet, but they have announced plans! your right selling the gift card might be best infact thats a good scam selling 250 dollar cards on ebay with 2 bucks on them hmmmm

  3. Sadly futureshop doesn't not offer Corsair, OCZ or Crucial :-(

    Maybe you could have a friend in the US newegg you some really nice Corsair or OCZ :-)
  4. I went there today and ended up getting this

    with the left over i can afford my G5 when the rebate arrives! thanks for your help

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