HDD Decisions - Need Help Please! Thank You =)

Western Digital is out, hate them. Maxtor personally like best, but I have friends use Hitachi Deskstar and love them. But I am having trouble deciding...

Eventually get 2nd HD. I wanted start with a Raptor I want my rig be great gaming beast, but also used for video editing. Of course, the video editing is still months away and use external HDs mostly there. Raptor tho good gaming and stuff but too small I dont care if I load 8 ms faster. So...

I prefer SATA II or SATA150 SataII still isnt really tested mucyh yet practically, 8mb min, 7200 drive 200gb+. 160 minimum if real good drive. Just cant decide on best one even willing spend few more dollars on 16mb cache, but dont want go over 150 in cost. Actually want limit 120 max. If anyone has answers or opinions, PLEASE say =) Thank you!
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  1. Raptors are WD.

    I'd say get a Hitachi in the sweetspot range of about 250GB which should have the best cost/GB.

    250GB 7200RPM HDDs cost about $0.39/GB.

    Most smaller and larger 7200RPM HDDs cost between $0.44 - $1.2/GB

    74GB 10000RPM Raptors cost about $2.1/GB.

    Good luck
  2. how fast is the Raptor really against a normal SATA drive?
  3. Raptor 74gig is anywhere from 20 to 40% faster than current SATA 7200rpm drives.
  4. The Raptor is the current speed king, and does give a 5 years warranty. I would not worry about SATA II right now as performance benefits for the extra money are negligible. I personally would avoid the Deathstars, only because I have seen too many failures over the years from them, both as IBM and Hitachi. Just remember you are only getting about 70gb of usable storage space.
  5. Hitachi GST T7K250 250GB 2/4 platters/heads SATA 3.0Gb/s
  6. Hello,

    I'd go with Western Digital. Very quiet and fast. Never had a problem. Maxtors are good as well though they do make a little more noise when loading.
  7. Yes WD is a raptor I totally forgot lol. Well... maybe just personal bad experience then but... really, SATA II I guess isnt all that faster and such yet. I was just thinking of future for video editing.

    Ill look into maxtor and just reliable drives. I'd get a raptor maybe later, but for games it definitely notice load time change, a friend of mine has one, but really nothing else. Anyways thanks for inputs, continue discuss if like.
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