Keyboard writes wrong letters for wrong keys

My keyboard has a slight proble,

when i want to wite at (@) it comes up with ", (there are also more mistakes like this on the keyboard)

My keyboarrd came with no software,

is there a way i can configure this to change which keys make which letter/character.
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  1. borrow another keyboard and test it, or take yours and hook it up to another computer.
    It sounds likesomeone spilled liquid into it, or the chip inside the key board is acting up.
  2. done the same ith 2 keyboards, + the keyboaard worked with my previous PC
  3. It sounds to me you have your regional settings wrong, a UK keyboard has the @ near the enter key, but a US keyboard has a " near to the enter key on the same key if you get what I mean.

    Different regions have different layouts

    Go to control panel->regional and language options -> Launguages tab -> then as i guess you are in the UK add the UK layout and delete the Us layout. It will ask to restart and bingo, your layout should be OK.
  4. thank you man, that was it,

    happy new year and a big thank you
  5. No probs, happy to help
  6. this is great that i found this forum. my keyboard has been acting up to, except that it's the shift keys, sometimes they work normally, and that is getting rarer and rarer. but most of the time they do random functions several minutes ago they were acting like the ctrl button and now when i press shift plus s, it acts like the enter button, and another time they won't do anything at all. i have yet to test a new keyboard, but i'll do it in the morning, if that is not it. any ideas what it could be.
  7. Sounds like a broken keyboard im affraid, rather than any thing software related.
  8. Could clean it thoroughly.
  9. yeah. I was afraid so. oh well, what can you do except buy a new one.
  10. how would you go about cleaning.
  11. Running Windows 2000 at work, nothing fancy, Dell system and had the same issue a few days ago. I was in the middle of writing an e-mail and all of a sudden many of the keys started giving me the wrong characters. Took me a minute to figure out that I was not to blame because I have fat fingers when it comes to typing. Anyway I shut the computer down then rebooted and have not seen the problem since. Makes me think something infected the system...anobody else seeing the same thing?
  12. I have a very similar problem to the one metioned above, but it happens entirely randomly!

    I know it's not my keyboard because it's happened on 2 different keyboards now. As a matter of fact I got a brand new keyboard because I thought that the old one was wonky due to this problem :S

    So anyway, brand spanking new keyboard, same old problem.

    I never had this problem on my old computer, but I got a new computer packaged with Vista...

    It happens entirely randomly. I'm sure my regional settings are changed somehow/somewhere, but I don't know how or where! One second I'll be playing World of Warcraft typing /1 text, the next it'll be accented E text. When I go back to MSN my keyboards fine, it just happens in WoW.

    ... then of course, there's the complete opposite scenario, where in windows and MSN my ? turns into an accented E, but WoW is fine.

    Does windows have some silly command to change the regional settings on your keyboard? I use CTRL and SHIFT a lot while playing in WoW in combination with custom hotkeys, could I be accidentally hitting some regional keyboard changing thingy?
  13. I also have had the same problem. I too have been playing a game <CallOfDuty2> and the keyboard changes characters right in the middle of the game for no reason. I cant move, shoot, reload, jump, ect.. my (E) key now becomes this key (<) ect all keys
    change positions. Only way to fix this is to leave the game and go to desktop. when i return to COD2 all keys return to normal
    sometimes this happens 2 or 3 times in a 30 min game very frustrating indeed
    tried multiple keyboards same problem.
  14. I've had the same problem!

    I’ve got a wireless keyboard, and every now and then when I’m in a program (Excel, Word, Outlook etc), all the keys start typing random letters. It happened again this morning while I was trying an email. I had Outlook and Word open and the keyboard was fine typing in Word, but in Outlook, this is what I got when I typed “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”:

    "Yd. ‘gcjt xpr.b urq hgml.e rk.p yd. na;f erivKh.nnrJkiiiii"

    When I close Outlook (or whichever program I’m in when the problem occurs) then reopen it, all the keys are fine again.

    I type very quickly - is it possible I might be hitting the Ctrl key or something in conjunction with another key which is causing this jibberish?

    Anyone know how to fix this??
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