X-Fi SoundCard/USB Headphone Conflict, is there a fix?

I just recently got an X-Fi sound card and installed it in my comp. It's a great card, but now my DSP-500 headphones do not work. I do know that the headphones have thier own processor and want to use them for gaming, while using my X-Fi for music, movies, etc. For some reason though I cannot figure out how to bypass the X Fi card when connecting the headphones via USB for gaming. Any ideas on how to make these to work together? And ideas much appreciated! Thanks.
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  1. I utlize the same setup to use the usb headset for voice operations and my soundcard for game, movie, etc. So what I do is run my usb headset for Teamspeak and have the game run on my soundcard. Anyhow:

    Windows Xp option:

    Start--> Control Panel--> Sounds,Speech, and Audio Devices-->Sounds and Audio-->(properties window will pull up)--> You will then be able to pick the Audio or Voice tab and set your default devices for what you want.

    In my setup I have audio set to my soundcard and voice playback and recording to my usb headset.

    Hope this helps
  2. Oh simple....thanks for the tip works just fine!
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