Hot CPU? Doesnt seem hot

I recently built my first pc using

eVGA 133-K8-NF41 nForce 4
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 6Y160M0 160GB Serial ATA
Liteon SOHW-1693S 16X DVD Dual Drive
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ Processor (San Diego)
Corsair VS1GBKIT400 1GB Kit DDR400 PC3200 CAS2.5 Value Select Memory
eVGA e-Geforce 7800 GT PCI Express

when i run speedfan the temps idle around 29-32 Cel. Which i know is realllly nice. BUT when I run 3DMark 05 on the cpu i get readings of over 40 Cel. I know this probly isnt bad but is it normal to jump 10 degrees? The HS and fan are all stock and its properly seated. Also i'm running all this stuff in a ANTEC PERFORMANCE TX TX1050B case.
I added a additional 80mm fan in the front near my HD (on SysFan 1), Cuz at some point's (not many though) it gets to temps of 45-50 Cel on FULL load for a half an hour. Now I know i'm not ganna be running my HD on full load all the time but I figured i'd be nice to have extra cooling anyway.

ALSO there's a 80mm fan on my Video card (on SysFan 2) cuz that get's mighty hot too. I went into the BOIS and set the stuff for idle at 32 and 38 FULL for both 80mm fans. The 80mm fan on the video card isnt curently running and when I ran benchmarking the temps of the CPU and both System Temps were at 40 and above.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

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  1. I really wouldnt worry d00d, my case has 4x80mm fans, 2x120mm fans (at 7v) and my CPU is watercooled. and it still reaches 37degrees under load!

    I have a old athlon t'bird system that idles at 60degrees!
  2. if u have cool n quiet on, then your cpu is clocking down and running on lower voltage at idle and then when u need the power (game,3dmarks,rip something) the cpu will clock back up to full speed. that is NORMAL and nothing to worry about. I've had my a64-3200 see the high 50's at load in the summer and it is still safe (754 runs hotter and my fan was at 1500 rpms). So I would not worry about your temps

    Hope this helps
  3. WOW! I also recently built my first rig with almost the same exact parts as yours! The only major differences are I have a 3500+ Venice and an MGE Titanium case, but other than that, we have the same parts (My Lite-on is a 1635S and I have a DiamondMax 10 with a 36GB WD Raptor). I see you got the eVGA 7800GT + Mainboard combo too, huh? Anyways I'm having some heat problems too. My CPU is idling at ~45C according to my BIOS, but SpeedFan is reporting a 36C idle. My system temps are around 28-30C. They don't really fluctuate much. What is your BIOS reporting for your CPU's idle temp? I was wondering if maybe these eVGA mobos are defective with the temp readings. Thanks.

    BTW your system is NOT hot at all. If you look at mine, I think you'll be able to see that. AND I'm using Arctic Silver 5 with my CPU, so yeah...
  4. LOL @ worried about over 40C.

    chill dood! (figuratively and literally)

    If it gets above 60C then begin to worry.
    40c is barely warm, and 50C load is perfectly normal for a standard cooled system!
  5. I'm not really worried, just... unsatisfied? lol. I mean it's way off what I expected and I don't think I got what I paid for, you know? Sure, the Arctic Silver 5 only costs $6, but it's SUPPOSE to give me 3-12C lower temps, and currently, I'm 3-12C higher than expected... lol.
  6. 40C is a very low temp.
  7. Quote:
    My CPU is idling at ~45C according to my BIOS, but SpeedFan is reporting a 36C idle. My system temps are around 28-30C. They don't really fluctuate much. What is your BIOS reporting for your CPU's idle temp? I was wondering if maybe these eVGA mobos are defective with the temp readings. Thanks.

    Well in the BIOS it read's 41C average for the CPU, 35C average for Sys1, and 29 average for Sys2. Yes I do think the BIOS temp readings is off but i found out that these board are exactly the same as the 939GT4-SLI from jet way. It even includes a temp AND voltage reading Prog called My Guard. I used it with Speed Fan and they give out the same readings cept the My Guard is a little faster on the readings. Bad thing is that iI have no idea how to config and control the CPU fan and Sys fan's OUTSIDE of the BIOS. I have K8 Cool and Quiet on and it run's the CPU fan on full load 24/7 but it doenst bother me because it really isnt that loud. The only fan in my case NOW that's loud is the 7800 gt fan, wish isnt at full load this second but I can't really tell if it's at full load running a game either. My video card temp's idle are at 42C and at full load for quite a while (10 minutes) I get a temp of 52C. The highest anything goes besides that is my HD which reaced 50C. Also got a 3DMark score of 7116. Hmmm seem's quite low for that.

    Also I took out my 80mm fan that I put infront of my HD because it diddn't wanna run when I changed the setting in my BIOS. So I now only have my PSC fan monitor plug (from my Antec Smart Power 2.0) and the one for my Video card. You can take a look at a nicely done review of my case here
  8. LOL. Looks like eVGA isn't really making their own mobos. Well this solves my problem. Either that or we both have the SAME problem. But I'd rather trust SpeedFan and not some JetWay mobo. I'll have to try that little My Guard thing. My 7800GT idles at around 40C and the highest 3DMark05 score I've gotten is 7092, so we have like twin PC's or something, lol. My case has a fan controller built in (it looks rather sexy I must say), so I don't have to worry about that. But you should be able to do that with SpeedFan. From what Newegg says, you only have 1 fan and that's the 120mm in the back. It says there's a 3-speed switch on it also? From what I've seen it looks like you want quiet? My case has 5 fans, plus cpu and gpu, AND 3 fans on the psu, so there's no way this thing is gonna get anywhere near quiet. But I'm a pretty deep sleeper so that's OK, lol.
  9. YAY!!! I found a way using RivaTuner to change the fan speed on you'r video card.

    Step One

    Step Two

    Step Three

    These are the default's and I haven't testing anything out yet so I wouldnt know where to start, besides that standard 2D is idle, or when you'r just at your desktop and nothing's running (games). It has overclocking setting's but CoolBits
    change's the registry so that when you go into you'r (NVidia settings?) you can overclock it.

    To go to it just right click on you'r desktop and select you'r monitor.
  10. 3-12c? sounds like you got sucked by MARKETING. (ie LIES).

    If you have a very thick poory mounted thermal pad then switching to a fine layer of AS5 could give you that sort of temp drop.
    Otherwise you are pushing somthing smelly uphill to see a 3c temp drop.
  11. Eh... That's what they SAY. Although I don't think they GUARANTEE it, or else I would've called customer support. lol :D
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