system temperatures

my pc is :
intel 865 GBF mobo
P4 2.4 ghz (800 FSB, 512 kb L2 cache)
512 mb kingston ram (400 mhz)
sapphire radeon 9600 pro atlantis (256 mb)
40 gb maxtor HDD

when i start my pc, the cpu temperature reads 30-33 cel. after heavy gamin, the cpu reads 41-43 cel. how bad is it? however my gfx card or ram (specially) never gets that hot, normal?

the real problem is my HDD, after hours of gamin i t becomes really hot, not as hot as burning coal maybe but unusually hot. i read somewhere that its the chip on the HDD that gets hot, not the bearings. but in my case, the chip stays cooler than the bearings and the rest of the body (HDD's). will cooling fan help? where would i put it? is it nessecary to plug the fan as a system fan?
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  1. Since you have an older P4 your running nice and have no heat problems. As for the hard drive u can install MBM5 and check the temp by turning on the option under general (something like smart hdd temp or similar). If u want to cool your hard drive there are allot of options. what to use will be up to you. you can get fans that run with the drive in a CD-Rom bay(if u got the room). if noise is a concern, Zalman has some heatpipe hard drive coolers. but for your CPU temp u are GOOOOD...

    Hope this helps.
  2. Your temperatures are excellent. You might look into ways to get the hard drive cooler, such as mounting it in a different bay if you can.

    Most people got your processor for overclocking. Keeping it under 65C will avoid performance penalties if you decide to overclock later.
  3. plz forgive my neglegence, but wat the hell is MBM5??
    if i do get cooling fan or heat sinks, where do i put them or direct the fan towards? i even opened the side panel to cool it but still it stays same (been runnin this HDD for over 1.5 yrs now)

    another thing, i left my gfx card overclocked from core:398mhz to 411.8 mhz and the memory on 297 mhz to 330.8 mhz which is now in default, should i be doin this?
  4. MBM5 is a program to monitor your system temps just like SpeedFan. I think it also allows you to control your fans from inside Windows. As for the HDD, I'd just put it in front of the bay or maybe even get one of those HDD coolers.

    Should you being overclocking your card that high? Honestly, it depends on if it's working or not and if you did it right. If you're getting artifacts, then no. If it runs stable after many tests, then I would think it's fine.
  5. MBM5 is Motherboard Monitor 5. Just use google - a download shouldn't be that hard to come by. The other thing about that is I think the HDD temp thing only works with some drives, so it might not work for you...

    Besides, you already know it's hot, so what's the point in knowing exactly how hot it is? it wouldn't achieve much. :lol:

    What you need to do is get airflow going over the drive(s). Best way to do that is to mount the drive behind an intake fan, if your case has provision for one. You can always mod the case a bit. Just try to figure out how you can get a fan blowing over the disk. there's no law about not adding extra screw holes to a case ya know.... :mrgreen:

    More expensive cases always have provision for mounting HDDs behind a fan.
  6. If he doesn't have room for an intake fan, wouldn't one of those HDD coolers work? They look pretty powerful with 2 fans on them...
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