DFi LAN Party or ASUS

Which mobo would you really consider if you were to overclock like a crazy mad man over a chocolate fudge cake?

I have seen DFi mobo's and ASUS benchmarks and DFi does considerably better in all aspects, but I have never owned a DFi and have an ASUS and are a wonderful thing to install, flash and generally use. Anyone had the same experience with a DFi?

Many thanks :wink:
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  1. DFI is the way to go. Nothing beats a good DFI motherboard when it comes to OC.

    DFI NF4 SLI-DR Expert is the best overclocking motherboard. It's as easy to use as any Asus motherboard.
  2. I have both DFI and Asus motherboards. If you go over the very fine details and points you will find that DFI has both more refined features as well as the highest quality parts. Many features are only found only on DFI mainboards. Seems this board was well designed and thought out BEFORE it hit the market. The DFI LanParty Expert is the mainboard I own and it is the very first (of 16) mainboards that installed and performed as advertised with NO issues. (BIOS upgrades or tweaks, compatibility problems or OS installation). I purchased the Asus A7V, A7V133, and the A7N8X. They all worked well after 6 months . . but initially they all failed to perform well as BIOS were NOT researched and tested before the mainboard was marketed. BIOS updates finally caught up with these boards and they performed well. Memory has also been and issue with these mainboards. The A7N8X would not run well with anything but premium memory (expensive). The hours I spent fighting these issues has caused a lot of grief. The DFI motherboard is the first totally trouble free board I have used and it runs away from all others when overclocked !!!! If you seek great overclocking check out Opteron CPUs with this motherboard; but read all the warnings and reviews first for an enjoyable time. Good luck !!!
  3. If its an AMD CPU then go DFI. If it's a P4 then go ASUS. I got an FX-57 and put it in the ASUS A8N32 SLI-Deluxe (Rev 1.01). It was very unstable even when not overclocked and when I put in some really expensive Corsair 3500LL Pro (2gigs) it borked after a 45 minute game of COD2 and would not post. It was not heat because it is all watercooled. Fortunately Zipzoomfly refunded my money and I got a DFI LAnpartyUT Ultra SLI-D and it is rock solid at 2.9gigz. On the other hand I have a P4 3.4E in an ASUS P4E800-Deluxe and it is OC'd to 3.7 and it is also solid as a rock. I never had any trouble from it.

    Quake 4 Benchmark

    The benchmark started at 12/31/2005 5:03:36 PM


    Resolution: 1600×1200
    Demo: guru5.demo
    Quality: High
    Aspect Ratio: [4:3]

    Anisotrophic filtering: 4×
    Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) disabled
    Score = 150.6 FPS


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