8rda3+pro wont boot up

Athlon XP 2400
512 MB pc2100 DDR
450W PSU
GeForce 128 MB Video Card

This Board has been giving me problems and i am out of ideas. At first i had my old 40G hard drive installed and it would boot up but would turn off after about 30 sec. I tried another power supply and the same thing happened. I have purchased a new hard drive and now it wont even stay on long enough for the BIOS screen to appear. I have all of the jumpers set up just as the book said and i have reset the CMOS many times. I am not an expert at this and Epox has not responded to my emails. I would appreciate anyone who may have an idea of what the problem is. Plz Help!
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  1. what is your CPU temperature? If your CPU gets to hot it will shut down your system
  2. the highest i have seen it get up to is 100 degrees. It used to run at about 135 in my other system. The problem now is that i cant even get the screen to come up before it shuts down. Do you know of anything else or can it get hot that fast.
  3. is that C or f? Cuz if its c then i think there's a deff problem with your heatsink or cpu
  4. its farenheit. And I know that the processor is ok because have it back in my other system and running Motherboard Monitor its still about 120 to 135.
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