What's the best way to make a hard disk copy?

I'd like to copy a system disk, with OS and all. Is it possible and what's the best way to do it? I'd like it that after I've booted with my copy of the system disk, it'll be as if nothing had happened. :)
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  1. Symantec's Norton Ghost 10 will do this that you speek.
  2. Thanks for the fast answer, I'll check it out! :)
  3. Casper XP is great. You can check it out at http://www.fssdev.com/
  4. Most manufactures of HD supplies a CD that will allow you to copy your original HD to a new. If you have fat32 file system, the older versions of Ghost work just fine.
  5. Acronis True Image ($$) blows them all away!
  6. People have had various problems with various programs, I've found PowerQuest DriveImage 7 works best. But Symantec bought PowerQuest, so Ghost might be working OK these days.
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