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hi i am using windows 7 with 2 gb ram and 500 gb hardisk. After booting up, in a few minutes it starts giving not responding message. I even could not start the task manager. In fact windows is stuck. I used to restart my system to continue my work. Please find a good solution. Thank You
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  1. Could it be a virus? Try booting into safemode and let us know if it still freezes up.
  2. I had reinstalled the windows 7. Kaspersky AVP has been installed. I freezes for every few minutes. To get rid this problem i have to restart the window. Its a major draw back of windows 7. I have XP and window 7 in my system. XP works fine. No.. nothig problem. And my system is brand new. Asus motherboard. All the application which is open will not respond. Please help me. Your help will be appreciated. Thank You.
  3. Sounds like a driver / software issue on the Windows 7 side... make sure everything is up to date. Is the version of Kapersky you're using compatible with Windows 7? I suggest not installing it (or uninstalling it if you can) to see if you still have freezing issues without it.
  4. I have formatted the system and now it is working fine. No software installed. slowly i start to install some of the software. If i not install KIS then which is the best AVP to my system which will not cause such freezing problem. Are u sure that KIS is causing this kind of problem. Then what is your suggestion to me... Thank You Zoron
  5. hey dude i had the same problem. After booting up all the applications were not responding. So i started uninstalling the application one by one. A fresh copy of window 7 will not hand or not give such commands. It gives only when u install the software which is not compatible with win7. My problem was same and its because of my sony ericsson pc suite which is not compatible. But when i install it, it was installed properly. Later i installed kaspersky. problem started. If i remove kaspersky it works fine fine fine..... the same way if i uninstall sony ericsson pc suite it works really very fine. Kaspersky is good and compatible with win7 and pc suit is not compatible and it creates some problem in pc. But Kaspersky will try to prevent those problems and they might getting clash there and win7 gets hanged. That the reason. Suggestion is try to remove the software which is not compatible. Better you remove software one by one.
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