Installing Raid drivers for XP without floppy?

Hi guys,
I have to install raid drivers for my DFI DR SLI mobo,
but I dont have a floppy driver.
are there other methods to which this can be done?
would be sad that at the verge of begining 2006 floppy drives are still a requirment to get a computer going. :?

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  1. I don't think this can be done without slipstreaming the RAID drivers onto the XP install disk.
  2. Just a guess; but is it possible to slip out the XP cd, and put in the mobo cd temporarily when the install asks for the drivers after you hit F6?????

    Then, when that's done, put the XP cd back????
  3. RichPLS is correct.

    Win 2000 is the same deal. Slipstreaming is pretty nice though for doing a buch of stuff to get just the OS install that you want....without all the pre-installed crap.

    I did have some troubles a year ago with it though and SATA's probably better now. I spent around a week getting my system up and running...damn SATA/WIN2k....almost went insaine that time, just a blue screen away from it....
  4. slipstreaming is real cool! I slipstreamed myself a XP SP2 disk, which I will be installing shortly on my new Opteron 175 build.
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