Hi guys, my cpu is AMD +3500. May i know what is the temp for that, i fix a gigabytes rocket cooler is around 37c-40c, when play normal gaming it around 42c-44c, when playing 3d gaming online will go to around 46c-48c. It my pc ok. and i using a 6600GT card, temp is 58c, when playing game it goes to around 61c-64c. And the Rocket cooler i fix my own, i using artic sliver 5, using my finger cover with plastic to make it evenly on the cpu and 6600GT processes. The first time i put to much, then i do it again putting lesses, but the shop say just put a rice size will do. Pls anyone help me out.
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  1. No temp problems. Your temps are close to my 3200.
  2. your higher temps arnt realy an issue unless your getting instability with them :)

    but if your worried invest in some case fans and look at ducting the airflow to where its needed most :)

    but your temps look fairly normal to me :)
  3. ok, really really thanks. Me got no friend good in pc, all me alone try out new things. really thanks for you guys help. But in this short time i take out the processes and 6600GT, clear it and apply the artic sliver 5 again. This time i add rice dot. now the temp stay at 40c when i didn't use any program. But i still double, a rice dot really can. Looks so little.
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