Not sure if this is normal.

I just bought and installed a Radeon x850 xt pe.

First of all the card is running great. But I have 2 questions.

When I look under device manager it shows that I have a primary and a secondary graphics card. When I had my geforce 4 installed I only had a primary. Is this normal with this ATI card to have a secondary card?

At the moment I am using the drivers off of the retail disk I received. I would like to install the newest divers though.

When I download any of the newer drivers and intall them. My computer says that it must restart and run some tests. I restart and then no tests start and I am told that my new hardware wasn't configured properly.

I tried installing in safe mode, under admin, two different versions of newer drivers and they both do this.

I tried to install the driver from the device manager but because it is an .exe I won't let me.

Am I missing a step while installing the new ati drivers?
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  1. As for the second card; that is secondary connector where you can go dual display.

    I have the same card and never had any problems with the drivers. (Also I never had to run a test; have you downloaded the correct driver?)
  2. I think you might have possibly bought yourself a crossfire master card, ie it is designed for use in tandem with another gpu, so your drivers could be the problem or i could be the card, i have never used crossfire so don't take my advice as fact. Personally if something like that happens i just go the foolproof way, FORMAT.
  3. Actually the drivers are a self-extracting ZIP file. Figure out where they got extracted to, and you CAN point device manager to that file.

    Or do what I do: Right click on the file and choose "Extract to". You might have to instal Winzip to get that option.

    Either way, having two display devices in device manager (primary and secondary) is normal. It's how ATI lets Windows configure the dual outputs. This is by far superior to nVidia's method, which requires you to use nVidia's nView display manager.
  4. Sorry i seem to have not read what you said correctly, if there is no performance problem then it is not a driver problem, if you get performance isues then it is driver i think you ust have a master card.
  5. I was answering the original question, that's why it says BattlePope at the top of my message, rather than Rabidpeanut.
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