Asus K8V SE Deluxe

Hello all,

I have the above board, currently i have two sticks of corsair 512mb memory in there, but i recently bought another stick of the same stuff.
On the boards theres 2 yellow banks and 1 blue, atm 2 stick are in one blue and one yellow. When i add the other stick to the other yellow bank it knocks the other two off and only gives me 512mb. Is there a way of setting or changing this in the bios or something, Ive checked the manual but cant see anything.


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  1. erm sure you got the right Mobo model? the deluxe should have two blue slots and 2 black slots, for the board to work the first two sticks should be in the blue slots.

    for the 3 sticks you should have them in the first three slots, this board is fussy with RAM and will only work properly if the RAM has the same Latencies and RAM configuration.

    crap ignore that just noticed the "A8V" lol sorry im tired im off to bed now...
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