What to upgrade, gotta spend my gift certificates!

Been browsing www.bestbuy.com all morning and can't decide what to spend my gift certificates on to improve my system.

I've got a few gift cards for Best Buy totaling about $100.00USD, any suggestions on what I could purchase to improve my system?

(Specs should be in my signature I hope, :crosses fingers:)
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  1. Well haven't even looked at best buy website but your have a very nice gaming system not realy anything to upgrade if you want to blow your 100 bucks on something only I would suggest is maybe another 1gig of memory.

    Oh just noticed you didn't put state whether you had a DVD burner that would be good upgrade or a bigger HD
  2. Only thing I can see inside that budget is another gig of RAM. Won't speed games up too much today (only a couple games show any improvement today with 2gig vs 2gig) but newer games need more memory... Besides, then you'll be able to run in dual channel mode which should give you a boost.

  3. Heh, thanks Mike. I actually ordered another stick of 1gb ram to go in dual channel mode yesterday. I got it online though so I could get the exact same kind to prevent any kind of problems.

    Not too many seem to be responding though, maybe i'll just buy myself an IPOD nano :)
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