Upgrade from 2gigs ram to 4 gigs, WIndows XP

For my audio recording, I am considering upgrading my ram from 2 gigs to 4 gigs. My MSI motherboard supports upto 4 gig dual channel. I heard rumors with 4 gigs under WIndows XP, is this true? Should I just stick with the 2 gigs I have now?

If I do upgrade, what recommendations for best ram for audio recording!
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  1. Man, 2 gigs seems like the upper side of the memory need to me. Those two gigs might actually be faster than four because of the added wiring and connection processing it takes to work with that amount of ram. Similar to why 2 1GB chips is faster than 4 512MB chips. At some point you have more than you'll ever use and you start actually hurting performance.
  2. Windows xp can use 4gb but that includes virtual memory as well. If you do use 4gb you have to turn the virtual memory off or windows may not see the extra physical ram.
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