Speaker makes a popping sound

Hi i gt a new Logitec 5.1 speaker system and i am using the onboard sound device on the MSI K(n Neo Platinum 2 (nforc 3 ultra)

the sound is great but every so often a popping sound comes from the speaker

does anybody have any idea what of where this sound comes from?
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  1. Its possible that the amp is overheating. Does it happen after extended use or high volumes?
  2. The three possibilities are

    1) the source is bugged with noise
    2) your computer is causing these hiccups during times of high CPU utilization

    also possible but less likely reasons are
    3) loose wires

    And whats been listed.
  3. 1 the sourde is not bugged (happens in many fifferent plces, even when no music is playing.

    2. It could be CPU

    3. All wires are correct.

    so if it is 2 what can i do to solve the problemo

  4. Well,

    1)a ton of anti-spyware programs run in Safe Mode
    2) frequent rebooting (as in not running your comp for 3 days straight, so you have plenty of available physical memory and cache)
    3)disk defragmentation
    4) Also, if your computer is way behind the times (like a 1GHz media PC), you might consider upgrading.
  5. its a new AMD 3200, i will try the spy ware thing,

    its weird, it happens every so often for no reason, even if pc not bieng used and even when no sound is comming from the pc
  6. i jus dnt understand it man lol, it gt a popping mind of itz own
  7. could the onboard sound system be causing this problem
  8. I had that problem for a while before, I eventually just turned off most of my taskbar programs by cleaving everything not called "AOL IM" on msconfig startup. That fixed it for me.
  9. iv done the same and no sound yet lol thanks
  10. You use AOL software? Wow! Would you put economy grade fuel in a sports car?
  11. Well I don't actually use AOL IM, I use Gaim.
  12. Does it probably pop if somebody in your house turns lights or electrical devices on and off?
  13. no jus ramdomly at any time, still somtimes appnes now but not as regularly,

    its jus weird
  14. But to be sure: check your light switch in your room. If it gives the same click you're there. Also make sore your PSU is allright.
  15. Do you have a Blackberry nearby?

    I've dealt with similar issues at work--whatever frequency the BB transmitter works on caused plenty of interference. I've seen it cause CRT displays to jump, and cause buzzing/popping in powered speakers.

    On the interference note, it is possible that system/HD activity is causing it--noise in the power feed. Not much you can do except upgrade...

    Food for thought...
  16. its new PC, wat part ould i have 2 upgrade?
  17. actualltyy i just rea;ised that yes i think it is when i turn a light off and on the popping sound comes, is there a way this can be fixed
  18. You can't do much about it I guess. It's the amplifier either on the SC itself Or whatever amplifier you use outside your PC.
  19. well to get it akll to fit we changed the plug to an older plug lol, could this be the problem?

    (it also makes popping noise if PC is off and Speakers are on)
  20. "(it also makes popping noise if PC is off and Speakers are on)"

    Then it's only the amp. Normal. Any solution to this problem isn't worth the pain or the money. Just ignore it.
  21. The Amp? im confused, what is the amp, and how can it be fixed or is it really not worth it?


    happy new year 2 and thanks for replying guys
  22. The amplifier. It's the device that kicks up low-wattage line output from the PC into higher-wattage speaker level current.

    Are your speaker plugged into a surge protector?
  23. yep, they are
  24. sounds like a surge, or maybe a spike...
  25. surge or spike???????????????????????
  26. Power line voltage fluctuations take the form of surges (dropped voltage) and spikes (raised voltage). As far as I'm concerned surge protectors are actually spike protectors.

    Anyway, speakers and amplifiers are so sensitive that you can also get noise simply from an EM wave when turning other devices on and off.
  27. Could something so simple as a bearing wear cause static and popping in the line?
  28. speaker systems don't have bearings!
  29. Squeze me, I meant in a fan, that could be causing electrical noise in the sound line.
  30. That's doubtful when he said the computer is off...
  31. All the suggestions are good starts.
    Did you recently add a wireless device - phone, router, etc.
    Or, did you move a wireless device closer to the computer or speaker control box.
    I have the same configuration and had the same problem, which turned out to be the combination of my router and the neighbor's router - lots of "noise" in the air these days.
    Recommend - moving the wireless device 3-feet away from computer and speakers
  32. no wireless Deive eccept my Mobil phone,

    i changed the orijinal plug to a old plg for the orijinal did nt fit. Wud it help if i use a newer plug?
  33. Also, the arcing caused by flipping switches in the houses electrical wiring (like an overhead light) will generate bursts of EMI. As has been said before, since it happens when your PC is off and the speakers are on it is an indication that the cheap amps high impedance inputs are recieving EMI. It will be nearly impossible to fix the already broken design. If this is your problem then there is an opportunity for a speaker upgrade.

    RichPLS, a failing bearing will most certainly cause a brushed DC motor to emit more EMI. I don't think it will have as noticeable an effect in the brushless DC type motors used in PC cooling fans, ie the coil current may double but that doesn't necessarily indicate there is much more EMI energy. PS these are just guesses about your interesting failing bearing question, and I wouldn't want to quote me or try taking what I said to the bank.
  34. hmm now after time iv started to realise the same problem with my PC,

    i mean somtimes when switches are flicked the entire PC freezes so i have 2 restart.

    Could this be the same problem as Speakers.

    Could the cheap PSU i have be causing the problem or will a good serge protector like 1 of the Belkin ones help?
  35. A surge protector might help with a fluctuation that small and short, but an "uninteruptable power supply" would be a far better solution.

    I got one of those huge office-sized units free with dead batteries, pulled out the four 6v batteries (expensive) and replaced them with two 12v batteries (cheap).
  36. kk i found out the problem, it comes from a near by plug, it seems that as soon as somtin iz pluged into tah soket the pc somtimes freezes (especially wen playing gamesz) and the popping starts.

    i jus need to find new place to plug in laptop lol

    thanks guys for your help
  37. I joined the forum simply to comment on this post. I had the same problem. I have a brand new custom computer (I built) q6600 (4.0GHz), 6GBs of ram, 9600gt stalk oc'd 740MHz etc etc. I have a Sony amp system running 2 floor standing polk speakers (250 Watts per Channel).

    I couldn't understand why it was making this annoying popping noise, it was only periodic, never constant so I couldn't figure it out. Turns out after 2 hours of research (moving everything 10 feet away and turning system on) that it was my good old Linksys WRT54G and Scientific Atlanta cable modem. Figures! ...which was about 1 foot away from the amp. Moving it 5 feet away solved it completely. Now my router and modem are on 6m (18 Feet) cables 10 feet away from my PC, it may lower my ping for gaming but I don't have to listen to that annoying popping noise anymore.
  38. @ech0419, I've had the same exact problem for a couple of years but recently it's gotten a lot worse. I actually just joined to post about the same problem. Reading your post struck a chord because I also have an old Linksys WRT54G just a few feet from my speakers, plus I have a wireless PCI card in my PC! I obviously need to move both, I suspect those two items are the culprits since it's not a constant popping sound coming from my 5.1 Dell speakers, it's just every now and then, but lately it's been almost constant whenever I play games.

    I'll post back with a result tonight after I've changed the placement of the speakers. Thank you for the helpful advice.
  39. you have a popping sound every 30 seconds. What it may be is hardware that isn't there trying to install. Just go to control panel>performance and maintenance>sysytem>hardware>device manager...then look for a "!" in yellow then uninstall that device. That should solve the problem?
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