my friend needs help

he got that motherboard and he wants to know what a good CPU is for it. his max amount he can spen on it is 500 bucks. please help! thanks!
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  1. Im the guy but i can spend around 600 if i HAVE to. I really need help with this. i just broke prongs off of my old processor. im basically a dumbass and just need to know what processor i should get.
  2. 8O $600 for just the CPU?!?! That shouldn't be very tough, you can basically get whatever you want...
  3. Send the board back. Any chip you can put in it, that costs more than $200 will make it melt.
    Get a board that supports Amd chips instead. If you want Asus, the A8N SLI premium is good.
  4. why the hell did you buy a mother board without knowing what proccessor to put on it, now you will probly find out you made the wrong choice and will return the product and get a different one. you are the reason prices arent lower. i swear people should have to pass an iq test before they buy computer equipment. did you just buy the board cause you heard some nerd talk about it on the street? maybe you saw a review for it on some retard site proclaiming it the best board around. this is why im not around on this forum anymore. this new layout seems to have attracted far more morons than before.
  5. id return it and go for a socket 939 and a 4000+ beats everything that board can take for gaming.
  6. You're not around these boards anymore, except to tell people why you're not around here anymore..... Make up your mind please.

    Yes, he should have done some research first - but hey, mistakes are the best way to learn!

    If everyone did as much research as most of us "oldies" did, then there'd be no more hardware forums like this anyway. :roll:

    Chill... He probably read a recommendation for the mobo on THG main site anyway :lol:
  7. As previous posters stated, the ASUS A8N SLI is in fact a GREAT board.

    The nForce4 + AMD 64 socket 939 is the way to go :-)

    The AMD64 4000+ is the fastest gaming rig you can get unless you get a 939 Opteron and overclock ;-)

    Good luck!
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