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I am looking in to building a gaming computer. This being my first computer I have ever built I am worried about compatibility issues. I have picked out most of the hardware I will be buying (money is a issue). I was just wondering if I could get some feed back to tell me if all of this would run smoothly together.


Video Card

Hard Drive


Power Supply


Thanks you again for any information.
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  1. Yep, looks like everything fits. However, I would advise you to check out Newegg or some other stores. I use to think Tigerdirect was like the best place for PC parts, but Newegg has really taken over. I mean for the price of that video card, you could get a 6600GT on Newegg. And if you're one of those guys that think video memory size is most important (you're getting a card with 512MB video memory), do some more research before you buy. I use to be a very n00bish n00b, but just reading articles and looking around forums opens your eyes to a ton of stuff you didn't know. Hope this helps.
  2. I was going for 512MB Video Memory because I was looking in to playing some of the more demanding games like half life 2, although I want a system where I can upgrade easily in the future. I was kind of hoping to order this stuff with in the week.

    Thank you for the advice. sorry to be such a noob
  3. The vanilla 6600 cant really use all of 256 megs, so 512 is a waste.
    Newegg has some x800gto cards for under $200. That would be a much better choice.
    You could save some of the price difference, and get a faster, cooler chip, by going to an Amd setup.
    An Asus A8R-MVP would be a good start, with an A64 3200.
    You will have to get more ram than just 512MB of ram, though if you want to play new games.
  4. That's ok. I was also a n00b (maybe I still am) not too long ago. Anyways, listen to endyen as he is very knowledgeable. I agree with the AMD setup and the RAM. What's your budget? Maybe we could get a better idea of what parts to recommend if we knew how much you could spend.
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