budget system, low virtual memory warning. help pls.

I recently built a budget pc to be used for moderate gaming and heaving programming. Most of the components came from my old pc, only the motherboard and processor are new.

System specs
athlon 64 3000+
msi k8t neo2-f
inno3d 5200 128mb
256 ddr 333
20 gig HD

I have no problem with the apps that i'm using but its the gaming capability that i have to take issue with.
I used NFS to test the capability of the PC but in the middle of the game i get a warning message "low virtual memory"

can't my pc handle the load?
what can i do to improve system performance?
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  1. One simple answer: You need more RAM!

    512MB should be considered minimum. 1GB is recommended.
  2. i'll get 1GB of dual channel ddr 400

    thanks for the info.
  3. And if you want to improve the gaming performance more you should buy a better graphics card. A FX5200 is a bit out of date...
  4. i would probably buy my next graphics card on my next build. i built this budget system primarily for programming and typical office work, getting ready for vs.net 2005 and sql server express.

    My next rig would probably be centered on gaming.
  5. Last system I saw that on, I increased the virtual memory twice. AT 4GB virtual memory the message never came back.
  6. 256MB of ram just isn't going to crack it anymore. Upgrade with another 512MB if your on a budget.

    1024MB if you have a spare 100$ or so to spend.

    for a budget type system..

    Go with a Nvidia 6200. there about 100$ (can be found for 80 brand new)

    you'll notice a large difference in performance.

    and set your page file to System Managed.
  7. Thanks for the info, i already bought 1 GB(512x2 Geil ddr 400) of dual channel ram.
    The problem no is i could not get it to run in dual channel mode.
    I could only get it to run in single channel mode.

    Can anyone help me?
  8. I might be able to help, but maybe not. First of all, that motherboard in particular, and practically all motherboards using that chipset, can be a little "extra difficult" to get into Dual-Channel mode.

    First thing you'll want to do is remove the old RAM, since you need matched pairs to run dual-channel.

    Try booting one module in Slot 2. If that works, go into BIOS and increase the first three latency values by value (for example, 2.5-3-3 to 3-4-4), and increase the memory voltage to 2.8v. Reboot, then shut down and install the other DIMM in Slot 4.

    If that works, do some testing. If everything comes out stable, try lowering your timings, one at a time, in reverse order. IE, change the 3-4-4 to 3-4-3, retest, then try 3-3-3, retest, then try 2.5-3-3. If you can get back to the original timings using only the increased voltage, great. If you can't get back to the original timings but it's stable with the higher timings, well, at least it's stable.
  9. OH! Make sure your timings mode is 2T, as 1T practically never works in dual channel with that board (from my experience anyways).
  10. Crashman,

    i'll try what you suggest, thanks for the config info.

    By the way, i already posted a message regarding my dual memory problem a few days ago. here is the link
  11. Crashman

    i would like to clarify something,

    i'm suppose to change the following
    1.Cas Latency time
    2.Act to precharge delay
    3. DRAM RAS to CAS Delay

    are these the values that i have to change?
  12. CAS latency, RAS to CAS delay, RAS Precharge time, and voltage, raising any of those could add stability so I suggested you try all of them.
  13. could u plz tell that how many partitions u have on ur hardisk .

    a tip :-

    1 u should install gmaes in a separate partition other than system partition.

    2 go to my computer properties and advanced tab there go to performance settiings . in that tab go to set page file .now choose a custom page file size that should be about twice the size of ur ram installed say 400 mb.

    3 uninstall any games from system partition or simply do not fill ur system partition to full
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