Tried upgrading BIOS...restarted - no video signal, no beeps

I've got an NF7-S w/ an Athlon XP 2500+

I downloaded the software to upgrade BIOS from desktop, then downloaded the latest bios file. ran the program, it said everything was successful, i had to reboot and all of a sudden - nothing going. System starts up, fans run, no beep at all. I tried resetting the cmos numerous times, with the ATX cord disconnect, the battery out etc. etc... any other options for me?? I did do one little test to see if the mobo died with removing memory and I did get a beep, so it's alive

I'm pretty inexperienced with BIOS stuff (and I don't have a floppy drive, yes that's right, I don't....)

any ideas?
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  1. Try pressing/holding the INSERT key while you power-up until you get to the LOGO screen, the press DELETE to get into the BIO's.
  2. You have broke it, prob used the wrong bios or it didn't complete the flash process correctly
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