This motherboard is advertised with total memory capacity of 16GB but in the manual it is recommended that only 3GB or less to be used with windowsXP 32-bit. The manual seem not to make a very firm stand on this point and so i assume more than 3GB can be installed with some added tweaking. Is this possible? Thanks for advice!
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  1. 32-bit OS can only address 4GB RAM max, but with problems, so they recommend 3GB max.
  2. With 64 bit i have 4 gb and im running fine.

    Power:AeroCool ZERODBA EPS 620W
    Memory:DDR2 OCZ gold Edition 4x1gb
    Processor:pentium D 930 3.0ghz @ 3.6ghz With zalman 9500
    Video:eVGA 7800gt
    HD:Maxtor Diamond 10 250gb x2 Raid 0
  3. You can put the 4 gb of ram in... no probs BUT. Windows XP will only use up to 3 Gb the last 1 gb will be wasted as windows will not address it. The new windows based on 64bit will solve this but its not out yet.
  4. ^^xp 64 is out and will adress the issue of memory, however. there are noted driver problems. the 32 bit version with 2gb of ram will do fine until drivers are updated or vista comes out.
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