Temperature question; asus t2p4 in tower case w/extra fans

What is the typical temperature range my machine should operate within?

I installed one of those wired indoor/outdoor thermometers so I can monitor the temp inside the case. Its one of those small digital ones where there's a 6ft cord with a sensor on the end so you can run it out and around a window for checking the weather outside, except I put the wired sensor inside my tower case and then close the case so I can get an accurate reading.

System: Asus p55t2p4 overclocked with a k6-2 500mhz. All 4 simm slots are in use. 4 internal devices (3 IDE harddrives and a CD-RW).

Fans: one fan on cpu with a heatsink, fan in the powersource, and two extra fans are built into the tower itself (one bottom front sucking air in, one in top rear blowing air out). There is also a fan built into the video card.

External temperature: Room air temperature going in is currently 70F-74F. Air being blown out is around 99F after a few hours.

Internal temperature: after being on several hours, it ranges from about 90F to 98F depending on where in the tower I run the sensor to. (the bottom being cooler since air is blown in there).

Given my system and setup, is my temperature range good or is it a little high? Please keep in mind that there is a built-in shelf between the upper and lower case sections with only a hole to run cables through, and that the cables do block a fair amount of the air flow.

Should I pick up another cheap and quiet fan to put in?

Matt Shokoff
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  1. Most of those old machines dont' have diodes or any way to measure the CPU temp (which is the primary method of seeing if a system is cool enough because it overheats fastest), but air temp in the case of no more than 99F (37-38C) seem fine to me, and if the system is stable and error-free, you should be fine.

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