Pentium M 760 Socket 478 or 479?

From reading all the articles about the pentium m, I thought that the latest chips (like the 760, 2.0 GHz) only came in socket 479 configurations - thus the demand for desktop motherboards to support the chip. But when I went to buy one, every seller basically listed it as a 478 socket in the details. So out of curiosity I went to the Intel site and there the 760 pentium m was listed as coming in either package configuration - 478 or 479. (

I was planning to use Aopen's i915GMm-HFS with the 479 socket pentium m, but I can't find a vendor who sells that - lots of folks sell a pentium m 760 but they are listed as a 478 config. Are these the same or different - am I missing something?

any help would be much appreciated,
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  1. Last time I checked, Pentium M's are only mobile CPUs. Sounds to me like you're building a desktop, not a notebook (the market's too small for that anyway, unless you REALLY know what you're doing...)

    Good luck.
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