Unable to connect to internet...via wireless

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I have a Dell laptop/XP Pro/McAfee version8 It has a wireless network card
and an Ethernet connection.

If I use the wired Ethernet connection it connects to the LAN and internet
100% or the time

If I use wireless...
1) It finds the available networks
2) it obtains an IP address ok
3) but then wont ping the gateway or any other local addresses other than
its own. Also no internet connectivity either.

All other computers using wireless are connecting to all services without a
problem so this is local to the PC.

I have been through all the settings and there are no discernable problems,
so if anyone can shed light on why the hard wire works and the wi.fi doesn't
that would be a big help!

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windows.networking.wireless (More info?)

    Is WinXP SP2 installed? If so, is the wireless connection firewalled?
    Let me know.
  2. If you go the Device Manager, can you see anything next to the Network adapters icon - as in a yellow ! mark? If so then there is "something amiss with there. If you have both cat-5/ethernet and wifi adapters in your Gateway - a yellow ! mark points to a problem there; at least one or both your adapters are having problems. If no yellow ! mark then there is likely no problem with your adapters...
    This link will tell you how to get to Device Manager:
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