A silly question, but please do answer... :-)

Hi guys..

I have kind of a silly question.. but seriously i dont know the answer for this..

I still run my system on the stock cooler and it runs in the ~50 range after ocing. I want to fix a good heat sink fan to the cpu.
Anyway I went to a store and there are lot of coolers. And they are kinda huge and heavy. My question is, can i fix one of those radiator type huge coolers to the mobo? I mean my mobo is in vertical direction when fixed on the case. and if i fix the cooler, it will be horizontal and all the weight of the cooler will be on the mobo.
So guys.. please tell me.. if i fix one of those big coolers(i;m interested in Gygabyte ot Zalman ones..i think u guys know what i;m saying about..), do I have to take the mobo out of the case and lay it horizontaly so that the weight will be down on the mobo! i guess you guys can picture what i;m saying.. if the mobo is in the case with the cooler, all the weight of the cooler will be on the joints of the stand and it will be kind of pulling out.. right...

Can any body tell me that if the mobo;s can actually take that weight on? Also what are the good brands out there guys.. Gigabyte? Zalman? Thermaltake?
I saw Gigabyte 3D coolers r impressive..
Thanks a bunch guys..!

DFI Lanparty Ultra D
AMD64 +3700 San Diego
2xSamsung PC3200 512M
Gygabyte Nvidia GeFOrce 6600LE
Maxtor DiamondMAX10 160G/8M/7200rpm - SATAII
Antec 480W TruePower2
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  1. Generally speaking, even the largest of heat sink/cooler combinations is not of sufficient weight for you to worry about. The greatest concern you might have at this point, is whether the size of the new cooler/heatsink will fit in the space you have available. In most cases, places like Newegg.com and Coolermaster.com give you the overall dimensions so that you can check. You need to make sure that you have at least 3/4 of an inch clear above your fan so that circulation is not impeded.

    The alternative (liquid cooling solution), allows you to place the container of liquid in an out of the way location either in the case or outside the case. In liquid cooling solutions, size is still an issue but clearance is not usually a problem.

  2. Ok... Great..!
    So weight is not a problem huh... thanks bro... so thats out of the way..
    Will check about the space limits..

    Thanks a bunch..!
  3. The motherboard can handle the weight. But you should be careful when moving the case so you don't shake it too much, it could cause the heat sink to come loose.
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