IE 9 Finally Released

Since its now live and Microsoft seems to think that everybody should go and download some sort of brain dead web installer from ,here is the actual page to download the full thing in various languages for Vista, Win7 and Server 08.
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  1. I keep my IE up to date even when in beta, but would never go without trusty Chrome.
  2. is anyone else having issues installing this? can't get it to download after running the installer. tried all there suggestions too

    edit: and the link the OP provided is the same file they offer on there main website
  3. I will eventually install IE9 on my Win 7 systems. DDNS server used for remote online real time surveillance with three security systems currently in use does not support IE9 . Sent an email to the company's support last night asking for the 'patch' to make IE9 compatible. All my Win 7 machimes are in use viewing my security system live cameras at one time or another so can not install at this time. Anyone using IE9 have any information/experience good or bad to report.
  4. Using Firefox 4 RC and Opera 11.01 at home and IE8 at work. I will probably install the latest IE9 at work for testing purposes. Thanks for the update.
  5. never mind got it install after several attempts it basically wanted me to close every open program on my pc
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