the amd 4000 with sandiego

mmm hi, im wondering wat cud be the best motherboard for the amd 64 4000 + with sandiego, i have checked the msi diamond, and i know there is the msi diamond plus ... abouth to be lauched in the market, yet i dont know about : asus, aopen, and all the others, wat cud be the best way to go for me, by the way, I am studing industrial design, and i dont like intel.

i got to this point :
-a cd burner combo (can read dvd)
-a cd burner.
-a cd reader, ... I will get later a dvd burner as well...
i got also:
-a stick of 512 ram 400.. 3200
-and a stick of 1 gig ram 400.. 3200
-and i also got a creative sound sistem 7.1 chanels, (this is..only the speakers and the sub-bufer) yet it recuares the sound card dat comes on the main board...for it to work properly...
-a mouse logitech w/bluetooth (optical,wareless)MX900
.......i want to get a good processor and motherboard that alous me to get the best performance of the 7.1 chanels in audio, and dat run´s, some games, and the most important thing ... were i cud do all my design´s, were the may need to be on 3d and hi definitin movements, cud u recomend me here wats the best way to go??
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  1. I would recommend almost any motherboard with an nForce 4 or ATI chipset. The ATI chipset is relatively new so it doesn't have a lot of history yet but first looks are promising.

    Since it appears you are looking for stable more than overclocking, just about any quality mfg. will work. Asus, ABit, Gigabyte, Epox, MSI (was having quality difficulties but maybe its fixed), DFI (more for overclockers but its a great board at stock speeds too), all are top tier mfgs and make good boards. There are others as well. Biostar, AOpen, ASRock, Chaintech, ECS and others are 2nd tier mfgs but some of their boards are good as well. For example, Chaintech's VNF4 and VNF4/Ultra are good boards for the price.

    I would look at what's available and find the one with the features you need (# of expansion slots, speaker ports, firewire, IDE & SATA ports, etc.). It looks like you have a lot of CD devices, so you'll want it to support at least 4 IDE devices. Most boards have onboard sound, but make sure it can do 7.1 and has 6 plugs so you can have all the speakers plus a microphone & line-in if you should need it.

    For your design work, its likely your software is multi-threaded and can make use of dual core cpus (verify this before you take my word as gospel please). The A64 X2 3800+ is close in price to the A64 4000+, and while it is clocked slower the speed is still pretty good and the 2nd core means when you're redrawing and rotating and all that good stuff you do while designing you'll do it much faster because of the 2nd core. Just a thought.

    Also, you can use your current sticks of RAM (1x512 & 1x1024), but you won't be able to run them in dual channel, which has a performance hit (not huge, but noticeable). Buy a 2nd stick of 1024 and put the 2x1024 sticks in the system when you get it. ebay the 512 or make jewelry or something out of it. :)

  2. hello i just readed wat u posted there.. and yes i cud be interested on the dual core FROM AMD, is it equal to ..(OPTERON)??... THE PROBLEM IS DAT I DONT WANT TO SPEND MORE THAN 334$dolars on the processor, and the ones from amd (dual core) at that price just have abouth 800 in fbs... dat, and the thing that are 130nm instead of been 90nm as i want, i suspect the 90 nm ones are above mi cash limit... yet i wold love to have a dual core... (cud i over clock the guy, to make its FBS faster, as the 4000 has)?, my goal is to use overclok, to mach the speed of the 57 fx, and im guesing a dual core will do even better, yet the price..., hey i was tolking with some friends and they told me that i cud get for a lower price a motherboard with the processor on it, and dat it will cost me less, using this option., ... cud u recomend where cud i check this?., and does this apply also to the dual core??...
  3. for what your looking at a socket 939 opteron would do the job well.

    howerver a quick look on newegg puts them over your budget by about $100...

    the x2 3800+ however comes in at $322 (on newegg) this wont overclock massivly but the dual core would be benifical for 3d work.

    however its verry hard to tell what you realy whant as your posts are increadibly hard to read :S

    however if your looking more along the lines of overclocking for games a single core AMD Opteron 148 can reach these speeds easly (so i have heard) for only $235

    dual cores tend not to overclock as well (you can only go as high as the worst core on the chip) but im sure there are exceptions to this as well.

    p.s. before posting.... comes in handy when looking for prices :)
  4. Your post was getting hard to read, so I hope I answered everything.

    The AMD X2 3800+ should be in your budget, so should the Opteron 165. Opterons and Athlon64s are mostly the same processor - a dual core Opteron that runs at 2.2ghz with 1mb L2 per core will perform at stock speeds the same as an X2 4400+ which has the same stats. The Opteron will usually overclock better, so if the prices are close, the Opteron is a better buy if you overclock.

    I'm not sure what you mean - all AMD dual core CPUs have the 1000mhz fsb (actually, its the hypertransport bus). In any case, the hypertransport bus is so efficient you don't get any performance loss until it goes below about 600mhz. All dual cores are 90nm. I don't know where you saw a dual core in 130nm.

    Dual cores don't overclock as well as single cores do but they can still overclock nicely. You should be able to get 2.4ghz out of a 3800+. You will almost definitely get 2.4ghz out of an Opteron 165 or 170. I don't know if it will go the whole way to 2.8ghz - that may be up to your skill at overclocking.

    You could buy a bundle like your friend suggests, and if the motherboard is a good one, it is a good idea. What worries me is you want to overclock. Most bundles don't include the best overclocking motherboard. They are a good idea for stock speeds, but overclocking... well, that depends on the motherboard you get with the bundle.

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