Display WON'T Display After Returning from Standby!

So, I just recently bought an AGP ATi Radeon X850 Pro. I have installed all the latest Catalyst drivers from 5.2 to 5.13. However, 5.2 and 5.3 WDM Drivers did NOT install. For some reason, the install wizard didn't respond so I ended those tasks, but the Catalyst Control Center installed perfectly. Now, anytime I go into Standby, my PC never wakes up (Although the green power light stops blinking, I get no display...) unless I hold the power key for 5 secs to turn off or hit the reset button. What's going on?

Also, this might be important: Upon installation of the card, I did not realize that my Zalman Fan Bracket was touching the card itself. The metal bracket contacted with the metal parts of the card, and my PC would not boot. After pressing the power key several times, I moved the bracket away from the card and then my PC would boot. Although I have been able to play COD2, Halo, and Age of Empires III for hours with out a hitch, could I have damaged/shorted the card???

Current Rig:
ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe
AMD Athlon XP-M 2600+ @ 2.4Ghz
2x512Mb C2PT @ 2.7V @ 2.5-3-3-6 @ 218Mhz
X850 Pro (Idle Temp: 43C Load Temp: 73C)
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  1. Since you were able to see anything on the screen and get the same performance, then probably no damaging short circuit took place IMO. You should see cables melt and smoke to start worrying. About the problem with the standby mode, well I have 3 PCs,(voodoo 4 4500, S3trio, ATIeax700) and it happened at least once on every machine (windows XP). I don't think that is a gfx card or drivers problem, i think it's windows.
  2. I figured it wasn't shorted, but thought something might have been damaged.... I guess I will contact ATi and/or Microsoft for help
  3. Have you been able to solve your problem? I also bought a X850 and have not been using Hibernate or Standby since.
  4. I have seen Windows do this all the time, you may have to turn APM off or better yet try Linux :D

    Good Luck!
  5. Power management for new cards, drivers, and motherboards may be an issue. Several years ago I worked on power management for display adapters for the big M on windows 2000. Many of the issues then were bios and/or driver related. The drivers that come on windows are ones given to Microsoft from the individual adapter manufacturer.

    Since that time there have been many many hardware and driver changes. Power management is a big issue and needs to be right. So, I would notify both the driver/adapter manufacturer and Microsoft of your hardware and exact steps to cause the issue. They will look into it and fix the problem.

    You might help isolate the problem by trying other cards/drivers/computers/operating systems to confirm where the problem is. This will make it easier for them to reproduce/fix.

    Just be sure you notify them somehow...there are newsgroups where bigshots and Microsoft and these other groups watch. So stand up and make some noise. This is where the customer really has his say and makes the industry better for us all.

  6. Not quite what you are experiencing but may be a start:

  7. Thanks for responding. I found out my X850 Pro was defective so I got it refunded and I am getting an ATi AIW X800XT. I will post if this graphics card has an issue. (Now I just need to find time between school, finals, and moving to install it...)
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