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Hi everyone,

I am currently use Win98SE on my system and I am OK with it. My question is: my friend uses Win2000 on his machine and he says that it's more stable and better than Win98SE.

What's the difference between the two OS? What's the advantage/disadvantage for home user?
Which one is really better?

What I do with my computer? I play games, programming, internet, write documents.

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  1. If you can "get it", just try it out and see for yourself. Nothing speshual for home use, especially if you play games. I have both, but at home mostly sticking with third - WinME, Win2k was made to get the job done, not to play on it. But you might like it though and shell out 300 bux on it.

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  2. It is as said, Win2K was not really designed for playing games on, for business apps and work matters it is a very stable platform, very reliable, I have had WinMe on my sys and I uninstalled it and went back to Win98, hated some things about winme, 98 is a better o/s, it will be interesting to see what XP is like when it comes out
  3. I don't have window me (I was trying to get one!) You said you hate WinMe. Can you tell me why? What do you hate about it?
  4. From someone who has spent the past couple weeks upgrading win98 machines to 2000... Dont upgrade unless you have a compelling reason to. The HYPE says that win2000 is more stable, but I have found it to be just as unstable as win98 when you are opening and closing programs and doing your normal day to day stuff. win2000 IS more secure, and you can easily lock anyone you want out of whatever you want on your machine -- which can be a very good thing in dorm settings, family computers, basically any set up where multiple people might have access to your machine. Game support is still pretty weak from what I understand. My overall recommendation is that unless you want something that win2k has to offer, dont upgrade. The amount of benefit gained by a home user is minimal, if there is a gain at all. I mean unless you are running a server, do you really find windows 98 to be all that unstable?

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  5. I have Win2k and I learned a lot of stuff about it. Heres the differences in a nut shell between Win98 and Win2k:

    Win2k Pro's

    1 The Multi-tasking abilities for win2k are unparalelled as long as the software is Win2k compatible. ;-)

    2 There are a lot of options for performance in Win2k encoded into the software, ie hitting CTRL, ALT, + DEL you get into your Task manager and it gives you a heck of a lot more detail about consumption of resources ie.. Memory usage, % of each App taking up CPU time and its all listed out for you.

    3 Win98 look and feel for Win2k

    Win2k Cons:

    1 Hardware compatibility and Driver issues - Everyone is too dang lazy to make the right driver for this OS, or don't send their drivers to Microsoft for certification or the so called "signature of approval" LOL.

    2 Let me reiterate the importance of getting all the latest drivers here. Make sure what you get is the latest and greatest. So this basically wouldn't be a OS for your older hardware that doesn't make the new drivers.

    3 Setting up a LAN with Win2k was suppost to be easy but I found out that it wasn't. I was having problems getting Win2k to talk with Win98SE. I guess I was missing 2 vital components in the transition. 1 enable DCHP over NIC, 2 enable Netbui over NIC that probably would of fixed my problem but oh well. I am duel booting.

    4 Older games will not work on Win2k if you find one that does than your blessed. Some will not work at all.

    5 Memory Hog! <-- I recommend that you get at least 256 megs of Motherboard memory to use Win2k. It eats up 67MB of ram off the get go without any programs running. Sure you got virtual memory and all, but the more memory the better!

    Win98SE Pro's

    1 Can play virtually every game made for windows.

    2 Not as much memory consumption as Win2k.

    3 Still can use MSconfig to fix some start-up problems. Also SFC to check your defunked DLL's.

    Win98 Con's

    1 IF you don't have the latest drivers as is for all computer systems you'll get memory and data corruption over time which ends up giving you lock ups.

    Basically this is just my opinion and anyone can add or modify my list to their tastes. Its not a complete list I must admit but I can't remember all the issues I have run into with both operating systems. *sigh* Everyone is saying wait for this to come out and wait for that to come out. Well the problem is this. When you get a brand spanking new OS right from the manufacturer = PROBLEMS! plain and simple. Its best to wait at least 1/2 year from release so most companies gives you the appropriate updates for their hardware and software. Its basically idiotic to just jump out there and grab it right off the press sort of speak. Windows 2000 Pro is an exception its taken over 1 year and still not completely working right. Of course you'll have that. Windows XP is suppost to be the combination of Windows 2000 and Windows 98SE capable of running best of both worlds. At least we hope. Frankly I feel they are putting out these Operating Systems too fast. Or Microsoft is very greedy. That one janitor that worked with them since the conception had the right idea he left as soon as the monopoly suit was slapped on him and he reaped the rewards. He is now a multi-millionare living in the bahamas most likely. His stock option matured big time. ;-)

    As for your dillema Get both Win2k and Win98SE Duel boot to which OS you would like to use. IE.. Win2k for your Programming needs and office type stuff and Win98SE for your Gaming and surfing. Hope this helped you and I'm sure others will ad to this little article.

  6. Here's a good site for ya': <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Check out the FAQs and the compatible lists.
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