Problems loading iTunes in Windows 7

Since upgrading from Vist SP2 to Win 7 I cannot get iTunes to install.
I have tried several refreshes of the installaion but iTunes will not install.

No, there are no error or informative messages - it just does nothing

Any ideas?
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  1. There shouldn't be any reason why you cant install ITunes on Windows 7. I've had it running on the Win7 RC for a while now. Did you install Windows7 32 or 64bit? U can get Itunes 64 bit version if needed.
  2. Yeah make sure you get the correct version 32 or 64 bit as there are separate downloads for each....and not very well described on the download site.
  3. I'm having problems with iTunes also since upgrading to Windows 7. It tells me there are registry problems. My music library is gone. I've tried reinstalling several times, but it doesn't work.
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