Can i change windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit

How easy is it to change from Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit to the 64 bit version?

My Acer 5920G is apparently capable of 64 bit and I have the official Upgrade package which has both 32/64 bit discs.

The Microsoft W7 Update Advisor tells me I am okaay but need to do a manual install. Thanx.
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  1. You can not upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit Windows 7. You must perform a clean (custom) install. Just boot directly from the 64-bit installation DVD. Have fun!
  2. You also might want to check out this 32/64 bit FAQ on Microsoft's site:

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  3. It would also probably be a good idea to back up any important file before installing 64 bit.
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