AVI to DVD is it possible? and i have software issues . .

Hello, its my first time posting and i have a question about burning dvds. i just got my first dvd-r for boxing day and its a Benq DW1655. I want to know what software is out there for burning avi files to dvd so that i can watch them on my tv. As well, if there is software to burn dvd to dvd. Its all very confusing with all the different kinds of software. For example i got that dvdsanta program and i burnt a movie that did not play on my dvd player and when tried on my computer, the picture was very choppy. please help. thanks

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  1. You might want to try Knoppix and K3B CD/DVD recording software :-)

    Knoppix and K3B are really powerful and 100% legally FREE!

    No installation required you just boot from the Knoppix CD or DVD and burn ;-)


    700MB CD


    3.1GB DVD which includes thousands of applications :-D

    Private message me if you have any questions or need help.

    Good luck!
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