just cloned my c drive with ACRNIS trueimage 9 then installed the drive, boot pc comes up with a ero message no NTLDR what is this. if i re start my pc and press f8 and pick out the new drive from a list of drives it then starts ok but i have to do this every time i boot up

P4 3.2
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  1. What program did you use to clone the drive?

    Disregard my question, apparently I can't read correctly this morning.
  2. I can't be certain, but it sounds like the default OS can't be found by the nt loader (NTLDR).

    Maybe the boot.ini file didn't get copied over by TrueImage.

    There is a file on your C drive called boot.ini

    Its a text file that contains a [boot loader] section and [operating systems] section. When the nt loader is looking for an OS, it looks at the "default=" entry.

    That "default" entry needs to be valid. It should match one of the entries listed under [operating systems].

    I think when you get the menu, it is showing you all the entries listed under [operating systems].

    You can change the boot.ini under Windows using notepad. It usually found in the C: root directory.
  3. Try a boot repair.

    Boot up with your XP cd as if you would do an install. Eventually you will get an option for Repair. Do this and choose boot repair.
  4. If you haven't fooled around yet.

    What you need to do first is to load the Repair Console from the Windows XP install (boot from the CD)

    And then, do "FIXMBR"

    Reboot... if that doesn't work do the same and run "FIXBOOT"

    Usually, the clone, clones some stuff that is different from the other drive, according to the geometry (sometimes it even fails with identical drives) so a FIXMBR and/or FIXBOOT works.
  5. Thanks booted from win xp cd did a "FIXMBR now all is ok
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