Catch 22:Can't upgrade service pack/can't get IE 6

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Hello all. A client accidentally collected root-level files
on her NT Workstation machine and put them into a folder to
"clean things up". Bottom line: a Windows NT reinstall was
necessary. However, the version of Internet Explorer on the
machine is 2.0 (really). I came in to update service pack
on the machine; however, I'm in a catch 22: I can't access
the Windows Update site without a later version of IE (4?,
5?), but Microsoft currently only distributes IE 6, which
requires a service pack upgrade...which I can't get
because the browser is only 2.0...etc.
Can anyone help here? The company is a Mac-based graphics
firm and uses the NT machine exclusively to run their Time
Clock system, a proprietary VB-based application.
Currently, they're dead in the water - the application
won't work, the SP can't be downloaded, I can't locate a
compatible, older version of IE (Netscape 7 can't access
the Windows update site...). Any clues?
thanks in advance,
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.setup (More info?)

    Download both SP6 and IE6 and burn CD:
    SP6a for x86
    IE6 SP1 installer

    Downloading Internet Explorer for a Different Operating System
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