Lian Li Front Fans Not Running!

I have a Lian Li P60 case and after connecting the 2 front case fans (in front of the disk-drive cage) to the MB's fan-header, they aren't running!

Background: I just replaced my MB and I connected the single 3-pin connector from those 2-fans to the fan-header on the board (they worked fine connected that way with my old board). The other case-fans are running ok, so I'm baffled... :oops:
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  1. Correct me if iim wrong but, you have 2 fans connecting to one fan header?


    Is the mobo the same model as the one you had be for? plz include a link to a page that has some pictures too.

    Also if you are connecting 2 fans to one header, Have you tried connecting one fan at a time?

    Worst case senario is you buy new fans. but, I will help you as much as I can.
  2. That is correct - 2 fans on 1 header. That's the stock setup by Lian Li (at least for my case model). The wires from the 2 front fans terminate inside a single 3-pin (female) connector.

    I just had my MB replaced by Asus because of a bad cpu socket. So both the old and new boards are the same model (an Asus P4C800 Dlx). And yes, the 2 fans connected to the same header on my old board and was working just fine for the 2 years that I had the board. Now however, they no longer run when connected to the same header on the new board!

    I appreciate the help but I can't provide a picture - sorry.
  3. Wow, another bad P4C800-E Deluxe. I haven't actually spoke to anyone who's had one that worked perfectly, at least not for long.
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