AMD X2-4400 OC'd Temperature Question

I have an AMD X2-4400 running at 2.6 GHZ. I have an Antec case with 2 80 mm case fans and a Thermaltake XP-120 and 120mm Stealth fan cooling my processor. Arctic Silver 5 was used as the heatsink interface. Cable management is fair so air-flow is not overly restricted. Voltage had to be bumped up to 1.4125 in order to have a stable system.

There is also a WD Raptor (just one) and a single 7800 GTX (running at 450) in the case creating a little more heat.

In a very cool room (approximately 18C) my processor idles around 38-40C and when I execute two instances of CPU Burn-in (I have to run two since the processor is dual-core) it warms up to 54-56C. Is this normal? I realize every system is unique, but I'd just like some opinions on this.
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  1. bump (i got the same cpu and have no problems...hottest I get is 36 degrees but i don't OC)
  2. That's the hottest?!? Have you run any sort of burn-in application to maximize the processor utilization? Do you game or do anything that would actually give an X2 a good workout?
  3. Sorry...mine idles at 36 degrees. If under stress CPUFan reports it as 42 degrees but from reading other forums it seems that may not be accurate...
  4. Yesterday I did see 36C at idle (I didn't have the heat on in my apartment) but 38C to 40C is the norm... with even higher numbers in the summer. My understanding is the X2 is OK to run all the way up to 65C so I don't feel like I'm running a huge risk of a meltdown. Thanks for your input!
  5. yep, amd X2 tend to be ok mine at full load day and night with F@H and the temp is 48C my CPU details are in the sig.
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